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2018 Permanent Pay Schedule / Effective 01/01/18


Permanent sites for sale are listed at the bottom of this page.


Additional charges apply to those permanents with the following add-ons:

  • Leaving electricity on: Fee: $15.00 per month (when camper not in use) (for purpose of refrigerator only.) No lights of any kind are to be left on. Additional fee of $2.00 per day applies, in the event of lights being left on.
  • Cable T.V. Fee: $25.00 per month (one time hook-up fee of $50.00 applies to any new or existing customer regardless if cable was previously there.)
  • 220 electricity / extra breakers: Fee: $10.00 per month
  • 50 amp service: Fee: $20.00 per month
  • Golf Cart (each cart): Fee: $20.00 per month (Permanents loaning out their golf carts to campsites (other than their own) will be charged $30.00 per month for each cart)
  • Shed with electricity: Fee: $10.00 per month
  • Washer or Dryer (each): Fee: $10.00 per month
  • Extra Hot Water Heater: Fee: $10.00 per month
  • Outside Fridge or Freezer Fee: $10.00 per month (Only with paid electric on at $15.00 per month)


Permanent Camper Rules & Guidelines for 2016

  1. All family members, which include: you, your spouse, your children, their spouses and children (unless otherwise arranged) will be allowed free entrance to park only with registration and a car pass from the office. Any other entries such as friends or relatives will be required to pay the gate fee of $10.00 per person per day or night. If you wish entry for any other guests, you must pay for them before entering or make arrangements at the office prior to entrance. For those guests wishing to avoid gate fee, a complimentary 20 minute car pass will be issued and driver’s license held. (Guests overstaying complimentary car pass will be charged upon departure.) Any permanent wishing to change their guest list must follow this procedure: Make verbal request to office, pay for guest/guests on 1st initial visit, then receive free admission for them thereafter. Permanents are expected to report any and all guests to the office. Failure to do so will result in complete removal of guest list. Permanents will be held responsible for any guests that fail to pay for their stay.
  2. Speed limit is 5mph ( WE WILL ENFORCE.)
  3. No dirt bikes or 3 or 4 wheelers will be allowed on grounds.
  4. No driving through or parking on others’ campsites.
  5. No unlicensed driver will be allowed to operate any motorized vehicle on L.O.P. property. (This includes golf carts and motorized scooters.) All vehicles and bicycles must be parked by 12:00 midnight. No unnecessary driving around thereafter.
  6. Permanents are responsible for upkeep and appearance of their campsites. KEEP YOUR SITES NEAT & TIDY!Over cluttering of your site by yard ornaments, potted plants, etc. is not allowed and L.O.P. reserves the right to evaluate your site for cleaning. If you choose to use imitation flowers, they must be changed periodically as to remain bright & new. Any items such as bikes, grills, toys, etc. must be stored in a regulation shed approved by L.O.P. You can no longer store items under your porch or deck (unless it is skirted) or behind your R.V. All shed placements must be approved by L.O.P. before moving onto site. Limit 1 shed per campsite. Maximum shed size is 10x12. Any permanent that does not keep grass cut (grass should be cut every 3 weeks during growing season) or keep site neat & tidy will be billed by LOP without notice for said work performed. We do not loan out lawnmowers or weed eaters! Permanents are now required to check in on and evaluate their sites at least once every 90 days. Failure to do so will be considered neglect of site and make you subject to eviction. Permanents are expected to keep sites clean & raked at all times! Site must be maintained to the edge of roadway. Do not burn at edge of roadway! Permanents are also expected to keep campers washed and clean at all times! PLEASE TAKE PRIDE IN YOUR CAMPSITE!
  7. Permanents are entitled to one L.O.P. picnic table. (DO NOT PAINT THEM, PLEASE!) Please notify us if you have a picnic table of your own.
  8. All permanents are required to stop, register, and obtain a car pass in the office upon entrance to campground. (At all times, including busy weekends, NO EXCEPTIONS.) (On holiday weekends, permanents may go to gate shed to register.) After-hour arrivals are required to come up before 10:00 a.m. the following morning to register. (Failure to do so may result in an additional $5.00 charge.) Any permanents arriving prior to store opening (7:00 a.m.) shall be counted for the prior night. (Check-out is 6:00 p.m. Permanents remaining on grounds past 6:00 p.m. will be counted for an extra night.)
  9. Rent is due on the 1st of the month unless otherwise arranged. There will be a late charge of $20.00 on all rent payments past due more than 9 days or $25.00 if more than 30 days. Only one late fee per year shall be forgiven. This is to be paid at time of rent. If 30 days late, camping will be suspended until rent is paid in full. If 60 days late, you are subject to being pulled off site and placed in storage. Site may be forfeited. Storage rate will apply.
  10. Permanents are allowed 6 days or nights per month for rental fee. ($17.00 each additional night or day applies.) Day use will be considered as a charged day. Anytime in excess of 1 hour will be considered DAYUSE! Days or nights used will be recorded from the 1st to the 1st.
  11. Rent must be paid in full before removing camper from grounds. (Cash may be asked for under some circumstances.) Should you decide to sell your R.V. / Permanent campsite, L.O.P. must first approve new tenant. (If new tenant is bringing in their own R.V. unit, restrictions apply on age of unit.) When selling your unit, rent and unused nights may not be transferred to new tenant.
  12. Quiet hours are from 10:00 p.m. till 8:00 a.m. (All vehicles, golf carts, and bicycles must be parked by 12:00 midnight.) No unnecessary driving thereafter!
  13. Electricity must be unplugged before leaving grounds, Anyone wishing to have electricity left on must pay $15.00 extra per month. (For purpose of refrigerator only: no lights of any kind are to be left on when camper is not in use.) Anyone found plugged in that has not notified office will be charged for a full month’s electricity. (Routine checks are conducted by L.O.P. staff.) Anyone found with lights left on will pay $2.00 per day until turned off. Please turn off all outside lights during the daylight hours. Failure to do so will result in an additional monthly fee. PERMANENTS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO PLUG IN OTHER PERMANENTS BEFORE THEIR ARRIVAL, THEY MUST PLUG IN THEMSELVES ON ARRIVAL.
  14. No clotheslines are to be left up between visits.
  15. All pets must be kept on a leash or penned. Failure to keep pet on leash will result in: 1st offense-warning, 2nd offense-30 day suspension, 3rd offense-90 day suspension, 4th offense-removal of pet from grounds. Anyone with pets will be required to clean up after their eliminations. We ask that you respect your camping neighbor by not allowing your pets to eliminate on others’ sites or any area frequently used by the public.
  16. No firearms, BB-guns, bow & arrows, fireworks, paint ball guns, or slingshots allowed on campground.
  17. No cutting of trees of any kind on L.O.P. property or on property surrounding L.O.P. If concerned about potential tree danger, contact office.
  18. No campfires are to be left unattended. Please put out fires before retiring.
  19. Upon re-entering gate each time, please hesitate at registration window so we may check your car pass or identify you.
  20. Permanents will no longer be allowed to store or bring in extra pop-ups on their site.
  21. If extra tent is used on your site, a fee of $15.00 per night applies. (This privilege is strictly for those guest names recorded in our computer system.) All others must rent a site in weekend camping section at the regular rate.
  22. Building structures of any kind must be approved by L.O.P. owners and not started until approval is given. (Maximum height restriction on fencing is 4 feet. No multi-colored tin or anything other than attractive wood fencing allowed.) You can no longer use landscape timbers and cinder blocks as fences. Any attached structures may become property of L.O.P. upon pulling out and removing camper. No tarps are allowed for use on or over campers or overhangs. Clear plastic enclosures may only be used to enclose decks during the months of December through February. No partial roof or deck structures are allowed. All damaged roof & deck structures must be repaired or removed! NO EXCEPTIONS!
  23. Do not rake leaves, pine needles, or trash into ditches, ruts, or potholes of roadways. (Do not rake into the road!) DO NOT BURN AT EDGE OF ROADWAY.
  24. Cable T.V. is available on permanent sites. Must be installed by cable company or L.O.P. staff only. Fees are $25.00 per month and a one time installation fee of $50.00 applies. Anyone tampering with or altering cable hook-ups will have cable removed.
  25. No washers or dryers allowed in any campers or sheds.
  26. Moving, spotting, or leveling of campers by L.O.P. will be charged at the rate of $20.00 per hour per man with a minimum charge of $20.00.
  27. Removal of propane bottles for filling by L.O.P. staff will be charged $5.00 plus propane (each bottle.) Any after-hours requests for filling bottles will be charged an additional fee of $10.00 (plus propane.)
  28. Anyone wishing to have L.O.P. staff winterize their campers, will be charged $20.00.
  29. Land-O-Pines Family Campground accepts no responsibility for loss due to fire, theft, accident, flood, or inclement weather conditions.
  30. Permanents can no longer move from permanent status to live-on. (We are no longer accepting live-ons.)
  31. Children under 17 must be at their sites by 10:30 p.m. or 1/2 hour after close of scheduled campground activities. NO LOITERING AT ANY PUBLIC BUILDINGS (bath houses, Laundromat, etc.)!
  32. Place all garbage by roadside for pick-up! If using own garbage cans, must use trash liners! We will not dispose of large trash items such as appliances, BBQ grills, etc. This is your responsibility! No dumping of appliances, furniture, or any non-biodegradable materials will be allowed anywhere on the campground (this includes the dumpster.). ANYONE CAUGHT IN DUMPSTER’S VICINITY, WILL BE QUESTIONED! Only LOP staff may place anything in dumpsters!
  33. No soliciting or peddling of any kind allowed on grounds with the exception of special event weekends on the L.O.P. calendar of events where applicable.
  34. No R.V.’s older than 8 years old will be allowed to become permanents.
  35. No broken down cars allowed on site!
  36. All permanent campers must now wear a bracelet when camping on the weekends.


  Golf Cart Requirements for 2016 

1.   Office must be advised when brought onto campground as to owner.

2.   All carts must display site number with letters at least 4 inches in height. (Must be on either front & back or both sides.)

3.   Must have working head lights and tail lights or rear reflectors if driven after dark.

4.   May not be operated by any unlicensed driver (STRICTLY ENFORCED.)

5.   Speed limit is 5mph (same as auto’s.)

6.   Carts may be operated only on roadways.

7.   Maximum person capacity on cart is 4 persons.


Anyone caught violating any of the above rules will result in: Suspension or permanent removal from grounds.


"Permanent Campsites for Sale"

A-37  Reduced! Camper/deck/overhang/shed $36,500

B-43 Reduced! Roof/shed/golfcart $15,000

A-18b Reduced! Metal carport/deck/shed/golfcart $21,500 Or Best Offer!

E-6 Camper/roof & deck/golf cart $35,000

B-36 Camper/overhang/golfcart $29,800

B-32 Roof/deck $10,000 (with camper included (negotiable)

B-46 Roof/deck/overhang/shed $6,500

A-57 Camper/roof/deck $25,000

A-14 Camper/roof/slab $25,000 or Just the roof & deck $5,000